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Wappapello Lake Information

Construction of Wappapello Lake ended in 1941 by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. It is the largest flood control reservoir in southeast Missouri. The lake is situated where the

St. Francis River leaves the Ozark Highlands and enters the southeast lowlands. It combines bluff holes and shallow flats, providing a great fishing variety and plenty of recreational activities for even the most active of families. 

At winter pool the lake covers 5,400 acres and at summer pool it contains 8,400 acres. Add the fact that there is over 44,000 acres of land devoted to public use and you will know why Lake Wappapello has become a family favorite.

Development is restricted to marinas, state park facilities and day use areas. At normal pool, there is over 180 miles of shore line under control of either the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers or the State of Missouri. Wappapello's sheer size and irregular wooded shoreline provides and endless array of secluded coves for boaters and fishermen alike while the upper resevoir of the St. Francis River offers adventure and serenity for canoeists. 

Major water sources feeding the lake include: The St. Francis River, Otter Creek, Caldwell Creek and the East and West Forks of Lost Creek with several more secondary water sources too numerous to mention.

At normal pool, the average depth is 6.5 feet with some maximum depths of up to 45 feet. Between the months of May - June startification occurs annually with the thermocline developing between 8 to15 feet.

Pool Elevations at Mean Sea Level (MSL):
     Normal - 360 msl
     Flood Control - 357 msl
     Minimum - 355 msl

If you would like more information regarding Wappapello Lake, please contact:
    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
     Wappapello Lake Project Office
     HC 2, Box 2349
     Wappapello, MO 63966-9603
     573-222-8139........Information Holine
     573-222-8773........Visitor Center
     573-222-8562........Lake Project Office

Detailed Maps of Wappapello Lake can be purchased at Chaonia Landing Resort and Marina or by calling "Fishing Hot Spots" directly at 1-800-ALL-MAPS. The maps include depth contours, structure, boat ramps, GPS points and fishing information. For convenience, the maps are waterproof for boat and watercraft travel.